Girls To The Moon is a Nashville-based social enterprise company that brings together inspirational leaders, creative events, and impactful content to guide girls to become their best selves, impact their communities, and create a more inclusive culture.

We surround girls age 10-14 with truth and education on topics ranging from healthy relationships and sex to creative writing and coding.

We are a community where smart, confident girls can connect, and a catalyst for the conversations that matter between girls and their caregivers.

We love seeing the reach GTTM events have and are honored to be featured on news sites and blogs.  READ STORIES


INCLUSIVITY: We seek out diversity and welcome all

RESPECT: We know our worth and speak positively about ourselves and others

EMPATHY: We challenge ourselves to see things from others’ point of view

FEARLESSNESS: We encourage one another to take chances and healthy risks

TRUTH: We speak openly and honestly

Meet the Women behind Girls to the Moon

Girls to the Moon co-founders Knight Stivender, Courtenay Rogers and Courtney Seiter are longtime friends who are passionate about guiding girls to grow up confident, empowered, honest and unafraid. They are assisted by a talented team of girl-focused speakers, creators, and technologists.

Knight Stivender, CEO

Knight Stivender’s job is to make sure Girls To The Moon’s business goals are aligned with the company’s social enterprise vision. She has a background in media innovation and journalism, business development and marketing. She led The Tennessean’s Pulitzer-heralded digital news coverage of the Nashville floods in 2010, was named Alumna of the Year in 2016 for the University of Tennessee’s College of Communications, and was Innovator of the Year for the Gannett Company in 2015.

Knight currently sits on the boards of directors for Chick History in Nashville and the Nashville chapter of the American Marketing Association. She enjoys cycling, hiking, and traveling with her 15-year-old daughter, Lily.

Courtenay Rogers, COO

Courtenay Rogers is a professional operations manager with a passion for technology, marketing, her community and connecting others. She has a degree in French and Naval Science from the University of Mississippi and served as a naval officer aboard a guided missile destroyer, the USS Grace Hopper (named after the first female Admiral!), upon graduation.

Her leadership and operations experience in the Navy led to her career track in technical project management and consulting, specifically in digital marketing and strategy. As a technology consultant, Courtenay translates “geek speak” for her clients, working closely with teams to ensure digital projects such as websites and network infrastructure align properly with overall marketing and business strategy, timelines and budgets. She ran an inspiring campaign for the Tennessee state legislature in 2016. Courtenay also really likes cheeseburgers and is inspired daily by her daughter Clair to change the world.

Courtney Seiter, CMO

Courtney Seiter tries hard to be a professional listener and story-seeker with a focus on empathy, inclusivity and connection.

She works with awesome teammates around the globe at the social media tools company Buffer, where her writing has been published in places like TIME, Fast Company, Lifehacker, Inc. and more.

In her career so far she has been a journalist, an editor, a writer, a content marketer and sometimes a speaker. Today she is focused on inclusion and diversity, exploring how companies can create an environment where everyone can contribute, be themselves and belong. She pets every dog she sees, collects vintage coats and tutors amazing kids at Fannie Battle Day Home in East Nashville.

Alison Groves, Operations Director

Alison Groves helps keep us organized and communicating effectively, with humor and empathy. She also leads our Girls To The Moon podcast, interviewing girls about what it’s like to be young in the world today. In her day job, she helps thousands of users every day at Highrise.

Jennifer Stone, IT Manager

Jennifer Stone helps with customer communication and IT integrations for Girls To The Moon. She also helps solve lots of little problems and offers great ideas for keeping us streamlined and customer-focused.

Our amazing speakers