Girls to the Moon Turns Failure Into Fire

Failure Festival Opens 2018 campference 7 in 10 girls avoid trying new things because they are afraid to fail; let’s change that!

accutane side effects remedies When’s the last time you failed at something? Like, really really bombed?

side effects from accutane If you can think of a recent example, congratulations! Trying new things and failing (for a while, at least) is the best way to stretch yourself, get outside your comfort zone, build new skills and become a more confident, well-rounded person. But if you’re a girl, it isn’t easy to feel positive about failure. In fact:

  • 50% of girls feel paralyzed by the fear of failure during puberty
  • 7 in 10 girls avoid trying new things because they are afraid to fail
  • 6 in 10 said that failing makes them want to quit
  • Half of girls feel that society rejects girls who fail What can we do to change these stats and empower more trying and more failing?

real photos of levitra success In the opening session of our 2018 Girls to the Moon Campference, we’ll celebrate failure instead of fear it, with a “failure festival” that turns the F-word into a mark of leadership, innovation, and risk-taking.

We’ll hear tales of some awesomely strong women’s epic failures, and then we’ll embark on a fun, edible project that’s designed to fail – in the most delicious way possible!

Over 80% of girls agree that if failing were seen as OK, they would keep doing the things they loved, take on more challenges and grow in confidence.

We’re here to tell you that failure is more than just OK – it’s necessary! For your future, for your confidence, for your life.

Join us Sept. 15 and get ready to celebrate failure!

P.S. – An extra special thank you The Cupcake Collection for their sponsorship of this session.

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