Interactive Gallery is a Campference favorite

Activities range from nail bar and fashion to math-themed escape game, video booth, and website design

Sept. 16 in Nashville

Campference Interactives Gallery complements inspiration taught by GTTM speakers throughout the day

One of the best parts about our annual Campference is the crazy circus happening in the hallways before, between, and after each speaker session. We call it our Interactive Gallery, and it’s where girls can put creativity, curiosity, and generosity into action at a variety of booths catering to all interest groups. Among the fun things in store for this year: 

  •    Tools of the Trade: Craft a hands-on woodworking project with the help of the female crew at Carpenters Trusst.
  •    Selfie Booth: Snap a selfie with cute props collected by our friends at Nossi College of Art.
  •   90-Second Website: Learn the basics of digital design at a cool interactive experience developed by our friends at Data-Driven Design.
  •   Fashion Fun: Experiment with fashion and art with pieces collected by Plato’s Closet.
  •   Personal Task Chart: Create a personalized task management chart to take home, with help from the team at Highrise.
  •  Video Booth: Be a film star in our Video Booth created by NECAT.
  •  Letter to my Future Self: Write a letter to your future self on beautiful stationary from our print sponsors at AMP.
  • Identity Bracelets: Choose a unique set of bracelets to describe all the cool things that set you apart in the world.
  • Robotics Booth: Code a mini-robotics project with programmer Amy Lee Bennett
  • Help Other Girls: Make “period packs” for girls in developing countries at the Days for Girls booth.
  • Enjoy Music: Soak in the tunes of avant garde troupe Intersection – live pop numbers performed by classical musicians.
  • Get Up and Stretch: Take some dance and yoga breaks with Blooma Yoga, Southern Girls Rock Camp and live DJs.
  • “I Can Be” board: Write down your wildest dreams and future ambitions on our communal art project, the Girls to the Moon “I Can Be” board.

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Thanks to our 2017 Campference sponsors