Strong Emotions, Powerful Girls

Interactive session & no-contact boxing lesson

levitra pills affects in women Location: Title Boxing in East Nashville; 605 Gallatin Ave (in Aldi shopping center)
cialis order Age range: Appropriate for girls 10 and up!

acquistare viagra generico pagamento online a Torino Girls are often taught to hold back anger and frustration, or to keep from rocking the boat to keep the peace. But in this session, we’ll celebrate healthy anger! Join us May 5 at Title Boxing East Nashville for a truly unique event.

follow link Instead of burying anger, we’ll guide girls and caregivers to channel it into creativity, passion and power. After an interactive conversation led by Dr. Lauren King on how to harness anger in healthy ways, girls and caregivers will learn the basic punches and kicks of kickboxing and will practice some age- and skill-level-appropriate moves with the pros at Title Boxing.

Don’t worry, you’re not in any danger of getting hurt and no one will hit you! Each person has their own heavy bag to work out on, plus their own space to move around the bag. Our awesome instructor Jasmine will show you the ropes from the beginning, and Title teammates will help you wrap your hands and walk you through the basic fundamentals. It’s a fun and empowering workout for any fitness and skill level!

About our presenters

Dr. Lauren King

Dr. Lauren is an experienced psychologist who helps girls and young women from ages 5 to 30 overcome difficulties such as eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and trauma. She takes a positive, optimistic approach and builds on her clients’ strengths to help them feel confident and meet their goals. She has a BA from Samford University and a Doctorate from Fuller School of Psychology. Watch a video about her here!

Jasmine Johnson

Jasmine Johnson is a Belmont University graduate who is very passionate about health and fitness as a TITLE boxing instructor. She is also a social worker during the day and works for a program called Girls Inc at the YWCA.  You can find her in elementary, middle, and high schools around the city discussing social emotional issues, social justice, leadership, and communication skills with girls in Metro Schools.