Six Things to Expect at the 2017 Girls To The Moon Campference

Annual event is a day of bonding for girls and their caregivers on hot-button topics and creative inspiration

This year’s third annual Girls To The Moon Campference is right around the corner – Sept. 16 at Nossi College of Art in Nashville. It promises to be our most inspiring, interactive, and inclusive campference yet! Here are six key things you can expect from the day:

  1. Expect FUN! Expect incredible music from professional classical musicians, rock & rollers, and DJs. Expect to be led in yoga. Expect to be interviewed at our video booth. Expect to make tiny robotics projects. Expect to help with a group carpentry project.

  2. Expect INSPIRATION. Expect incredible stories from women who fled to the United States as children, started their own tech companies with their moms, became NASA scientists, have been appointed to boards by President Obama and Mayor Megan Barry.

  3. Expect HELP. Expect help talking about difficult conversations ranging from bullying and substance abuse to cutting and consent. Expect you and your girls to get great advice from health care professionals and licensed therapists.

  4. Expect SURPRISES. Expect to be delighted with creative details throughout the day, from interactive artwork to our phone-powered “Camp Stream” app. Be sure to stay to the end for an extra special surprise powered by some amazing secret guests.

  5. Expect SOUVENIRS. Expect to take home lots of fun items to remember the day, including a custom day planner, personal poetry, a goodie bag full of fun surprises, and a Campference T-shirt.

  6. Expect KINDRED SPIRITS. Expect to meet other loving caregivers, other uniquely talented girls, others who are looking to build a beautiful, inclusive, empowered community for all.

Also – expect tickets to sell out. We’ve been keeping an eye on registrations, and tickets are going at a faster clip this year than in prior years. While that makes it easier on our end, we don’t want anyone to be left out. Please go ahead and RSVP sooner rather than later if you’re planning to attend, as space is limited.

Accessibility info:
• Nossi College of Art is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant
• Free parking on site
• Public transportation available via the 36x bus that runs from downtown Nashville to Madison.
• Free childcare on site
• Quiet room on site

Thank you to this year’s Campference sponsors. 🚀

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